Area is safe but look out at night, says poll

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South Holland residents believe the area is generally a safe place to live and work but they are unsure about police claims that crime is down, according to a snapshot of views in Spalding.

The Lincolnshire Free Press asked people about police figures reported in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian showing that crime had fallen by 20 per cent over the last 12 months, compared to the same period last year.

Both theft of and from vehicles fell by 29 per cent and 32 per cent respectively, while criminal damage was also down by 29 per cent.

Karen Brookes (50), of Gosberton Westhorpe, said: “I do think crime is down during the daytime, but I don’t know about the evening.

“However, I still feel we need a few more police on the beat.”

Marie Joyce (20), of Donington, said: “I moved here from Edinburgh about a year and a half ago and I don’t mind walking in town during the day.

“But I wouldn’t walk about at night because there are too many people looking for trouble.”

James Slater, of Spalding, said: “I don’t disbelieve the police but I think the statistics aren’t very meaningful because crime varies so much in this area.

“I don’t think these figures move us any further forward, although South Holland is better off as regards public safety compared to many other areas.”

Renata Kowlska (31), of Juniper Crescent, Spalding, said: “I moved here from Poland about nine years ago and I’ve never had a problem.

“I see police around Spalding all the time and whenever I’ve had a problem where I’ve had to call the police, they’ve come along very quickly.”

Vanessa Lyon (60), of Gosberton Risegate, said: “I’m sceptical about the figures because I’m aware of people who’ve been robbed.

“But I still feel safer in Spalding than where I work in Peterborough.”

Robert Steel (69), of Knipe Avenue, Spalding, said: “Nobody bothers me because I can look after myself.

“But I’ve met younger lads and ladies who find it quite intimidating when they’re in Spalding at night.”