Appeal to find owner of iPod

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POLICE are hoping to return a “distinctive” iPod which was seized from a man arrested on suspicion of being behind a number of car break-ins.

Spalding town centre beat manager Pc Paul Smith said a man in his late teens from Spalding was arrested in Sheep Market on Wednesday. He has been released on bail and is due to appear before Spalding magistrates.

The man had two iPods on him when arrested, one that had been reported missing and has been returned to its owner.

The other iPod is gold/orange with a car charger and has 8gb of memory.

Pc Smith said: “I would like to get a good result out of this. People don’t have vinyl or tapes these days, they don’t have a hard copy so these things mean a lot.

“Most people think when it’s gone, it’s gone. We’ve returned one iPod and I’d like to make someone else happy.”

Officers would test the owner on the playlist to check it is theirs.

Anyone who wants to claim it should call Pc Dave Evans at Spalding Police Station on 0300 1110300.