Angry ‘ex’ smashed door to speak to former partner

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A man was so angry with his ex-partner that he smashed a door at her home to go inside and confront her.

Samantha Belding was crouching in a front bedroom with her sister standing between her and Steven Smith while he was calling her names like “evil”.

Smith (27), of Roman Road, Moulton Chapel, pleaded guilty to criminally damaging the door belonging to Samantha’s mum, Caroline Belding.

He was fined £475 and ordered to pay £85 costs with a £48 victim surcharge when he appeared at Spalding Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

The court heard from Smith’s solicitor Anita Toal that he had voluntarily made out a cheque for £500 to cover the cost of the repair bill for the door and was willing to pay more if given evidence of the actual cost.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, read from a statement from Ms Belding, saying she and Smith had broken up after a four year relationship.

She started seeing someone else and said Smith didn’t like that and often went round to her home uninvited, sents texts and called her.

On the day of the offence, they had an argument which started by text and continued with a telephone conversation in which he called her a “heartless bitch” and said he was coming round.

Ms Belding and her sister locked the door and went upstairs, but then heard Smith kicking the door.

Mrs Toal said Smith had not been charged with making threats.

She said: “This is really just a sorry and sad result of the breakdown of a relationship.”

Mrs Toal said Smith had not been in court before.