‘Abusive’ husband fined £35

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A MAN alleged to have assaulted his wife by shoving her backwards and grabbing her throat was fined £35 by Spalding magistrates.

Andrew Preece (45) admitted assaulting his wife, Wendy, at their Spalding home – but denied taking hold of her throat.

The court heard a row erupted on May 10 when Mrs Preece was ironing and shouted upstairs to her son.

Preece was in the living room with his parents and asked why she didn’t go upstairs and speak to their son instead of shouting.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Mrs Preece then told him: “If you have got something to say come out and say it to me.”

Preece emerged looking angry and wound up, put his open hands on her arms and shoved her backwards.

He grabbed her left upper arm, causing it to bruise, and put his left hand around her throat.

Miss Ritson said Preece’s mother intervened and stopped the assault.

Earlier, she read from Mrs Preece’s statement who said she had suffered abuse from her husband for 20 of the 22 years they had been married and it had taken “a lot of courage” for her to go to the police.

Solicitor Andrew Goldsborough, mitigating, said Preece denied grabbing his wife by the throat but accepted the rest of the incident described by the prosecution.

He said there had been issues with Preece’s health since the assault and he now suffers from depression, hypertension and anxiety.

Mr Goldsborough said Preece is living with his parents in Wales and gets £71 a week in employment support allowance.

He said: “Mr Preece would deny that there has been any domestic violence between them in the past. She has never reported it to the police. There have been no previous convictions.”

Preece, of Fothergill Road, Cwmgwrach, must also pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Magistrates decided it was not a suitable case for a restraining order or compensation.