Abuse victims urged to call

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Police are warning domestic abuse will not be tolerated after answering 12 calls for help in South Holland over the Christmas period.

During the festive period, domestic violence tends to rise due to financial pressures, alcohol and drug consumption, family pressures and conflict and increased contact with the abuser who may be at home more for the holiday season.

Incidents reported over the Christmas period include:

l On Christmas Eve police received a report of an ex-boyfriend causing problems in Gedney Drove End. Officers attended and there was no violence or threats. The victim wanted advice and reassurance.

l In the early hours of Christmas Day police received a report of a domestic incident at Deeping St Nicholas. A couple had argued and the wife was very upset. There were no criminal offences but the officers assisted the female in leaving the address.

l In the early hours of Christmas Day police received three calls from the same female victim in Spalding. The first call was when she had argued at a party with her ex-boyfriend. Officer took her home. A couple of hours later, police were called when the ex-boyfriend started banging on the victim’s front door. The man was escorted to his address. A couple of hours after this the man again turned up on the victim’s doorstep. He was again removed. The man wasn’t committing any offences, but officers carried out a risk assessment to ensure the victim was given every possible support. This case will be followed up by the Domestic Abuse Officer.

l On Christmas morning police were called to a report of a fight between brothers-in-law in Sutton Bridge. The victim was not willing to provide any details of what had occurred and the alleged protagonist had left the area, so no further police action was taken.

l On Christmas Day police received a report involving comments on Facebook towards from ex-partner. On this occasion, there were no offences and words of advice were given.

l On Christmas night police were called by a woman who had just been thrown out of the house by her partner. There were no criminal offences and the woman was taken to a place of safety.

l On Boxing Day a man was arrested for an assault on his partner in Spalding. Their small son was also assaulted. The man was charged with two assaults and criminal damage and kept in custody for court.

Insp Jim Tyner said: “Domestic abuse is a horrible crime. We actively encourage the reporting of domestic abuse and will take all such reports seriously.

“We will use every police power available to us to protect vulnerable people. If there are criminal offences, then we will always arrest the offender. However, sometimes there are no offences: victims of abuse just want support or reassurance. My officers will always go the extra mile to provide that support.”