£200 dog bill help for Doris (90)

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A WYBERTON businessman has donated £200 to help a 90-year-old woman pay an £800 vet’s bill after her blind dog was savaged in a Long Sutton park.

Pensioner Doris Dossetter, of Lancaster Drive, Sutton Bridge, watched in horror on Sunday as her 12-year-old rescue pet, George, was attacked by a yellow Labrador close to the children’s play area in Cinder Ash Park.

The tiny Chinese Crested Powder Puff was “screaming” and had a lump torn out of his tummy.

As reported in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press, Doris tucked her walking stick under her arm and “staggered” back to her car with George and called an emergency vet.

A 67-year-old businessman, who keeps animals and describes himself as an animal lover, was so moved by the pensioner’s story that he decided to step in with a big donation towards the vet’s bill.

He said: “There are lots of people who love animals and I am sure others will be prepared to help Mrs Dossetter too.”

Mrs Dossetter was “thrilled to bits” with the businessman’s gift.

She said: “I am just beginning to realise that there are an awful lot of kind people in this country and it’s nice to know. It’s lovely and I am really grateful.”

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