Crime on the doorstep in Sutton Bridge

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Elderly and vulnerable people in Sutton Bridge are being targeted on the doorstep by crooks charging by the thousand.

In one case reported to police, a man was duped into paying around £1,500 for a replacement transmitter linked to his solar panel system.

In another incident, reported to the parish council by member Chris Brewis, an elderly woman was conned into paying nearly £2,000 for work done that should have cost no more than £150.

Members heard the man got his money back but the woman wasn’t so lucky.

PCSO Fylippa Bennett said in the solar panels incident, a woman turned up and “waved a smartphone around” before saying the transmitter was faulty.

She said: “The gentleman handed over a large quantity of cash and someone came along to replace a perfectly good transmitter.”

PCSO Bennett warned residents to be on their guard, saying solar panel transmitter faults can only be checked if someone physically goes into the attic to look at the device.

Coun Brewis told the meeting: “People are still much too trusting.”

PCSO Bennett said copper piping and a radiator were stolen from a back garden in Bridge Road and three off-road children’s bikes and a quad bike were stolen in an outbuilding burglary in Rookery Road.