CRIME: 40 years of worshipping EU has ended in mass squalor

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I would like to reply to your article ‘Operation Trivium’ please.

The American Indians found out what happens when you don’t control immigration and we here in the UK are slowly but sadly finding that out for ourselves.

The real failures have nothing to do with the police, South Holland District Council, nor Lincolnshire County Council.

The failure is the great God “Eyou” (or EU) whose subservient government here in the UK (plus all other EU countries) have to bow down to get their orders from on high.

Woe betide them if the God “Eyou” (or EU) is offended. The real blame starts with Edward Heath in 1974 and all prime ministers including David Cameron in 2014, whereby 40 years of unremitting worship of the “Eyou” God have resulted in what we now see in every town in the UK – Spalding including – mass squalor.

No matter what government we elect, the first duty of that government isn’t to serve the people who elected it, but that of the EU.

The EU and its God “Eyou” are an empire which I really would wish turned to sand.

‘Operation Trivium’ is another method by government to show they’re doing something by dumping their ideas on other authorities such as the police, local and county councils. The reality of course is that ‘Operation Trivium’ wouldn’t be needed if our many spineless, gutless prime ministers of the past 40 years had dared to do something about it.

No wonder UKIP did well in a recent local election in Essex. The problem with the “Eyou” God is simple. It’s had its day. It doesn’t work. It’s inefficient. It’s bloated. It costs jobs. It creates and induces squalor. It costs money to feed. It needs eradicating at the earliest opportunity.

I wish “Operation Trivium” well. I hope those who need the help get it fast now winter is approaching. I wish no ill on anyone of any race, creed, colour or religion and really do hope those involved at all levels will do their best to bring hardship and squalor here to an end.

I also wish in the election next year, we elect a government who will serve the electorate first and the “Eyou” God second and allow said electorate a referendum with a one word question: “Do you want to remain a member of the European Union?” Tick one box “Yes” or “No”. I know what box I’d be ticking.

Alan Long