Cremation suite means pets can have same send-off as us

Clare and Craig Kerslake with the team. ANL-160208-134148001
Clare and Craig Kerslake with the team. ANL-160208-134148001
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Lincolnshire Pet Crematorium in Kirton has opened up a £65,000 private pet cremation suite.

The suite is the only one in the county and mirrors the final stages of a human cremation.

Customers can now say goodbye to their pet in the Chapel of Rest, before they are move into a silk lined coffin.

The final stages include the presentation of the coffin with with the option of it being open or closed, and the curtains being drawn across the viewing window before the coffin is guided into the cremator.

Customers are then invited to wait in the conservatory, where refreshments are provided, or take a walk in the garden, and wait for the ashes of their pet to be returned to them.

Ashes can be taken home, scattered in the garden of remembrance with a plaque being put on the wall or in the flower bed. In the reception area there’s also a wide range of urns available.

With permission from the Home Office, above ground cremation vaults can hold human and pet ashes together. And all the land has been blessed by the local vicar, who continues to visit on a regular basic to conduct services in the garden of remembrance.

Sylvia Carter, co-director of Lincolnshire Pet Crematorium, said: “There has been a lot of bad press in recent years concerning pet crematoria.

“Grieving pet owners have been traumatically misled, and cremations which people have paid for have never actually taken place – which is just heart-breaking.

“Our new private cremation suite makes the whole process much more transparent and easier to understand.

“For some people losing a much loved pet is as hard as losing a family member. But with our new facility we’re able to offer them the best possible experience in saying goodbye to them, and give owners reassurance that they’re leaving with the ashes of their much loved pet”.

At the official opening, customers were given a tour of the new facilities. “All were really impressed”, added Mrs Carter.

“We had two vets and a veterinary nurse come along also. They appreciated the tour of our facilities, and said it would help them better explain to their customers at the veterinary clinic what we can offer.

Co-directors Syvlia and her husband Stephen started the business in 1989 but are now handing over control to their daughter Clare Kerslake and her husband Craig.