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I miss creating with others

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In his weekly Autistic Lincs column, Callum Brazzo discusses creatives...

As a quick update, this past week I have been in caveman mode with technology as my internet has been down.

I have not returned to my neanderthal roots and started neither a bonfire nor a campfire (props to Australian rap artist Seth Sentry) in the absence of the limitless technological age we are familiar with.

However, I have, as the column you are reading will prove, managed to eke out a column via data borrowing from another device rather than the usual internet provider (not quite a caveman then!?)

So what, dear reader, is the amalgamation of topics for your weekly indulgence this time?

Well, combining Green Party member Martin Blake’s column in last week’s Free Press and Ryan Gilmartin’s creative community workshop this past week, I think it’s time for nature and creativity to realign.

I have not performed poetry on a stage in some time whilst holding onto many passion projects, like the Wattpad-available cross-generational story of Ripples, which has performance elements involved.

I really miss the feeling of not only taking my feelings from the page to the stage but also creating WITH people.

I have and am still poring over my current novella Ripples but would love to one day take it from either page to stage or screen (give the brilliant Holbeach Film Company’s recent film 15 And Killing’s Facebook page a like and share to and make sure to follow updates on what I consider one of the county’s creative lighthouses and a personal inspiration).

Seeing news about Ryan’s column, alongside the work of names such as alternative artmaker Joey Lowe and graffiti artist/Act 2 lead Karl Gernert amongst others, serves as further inspiration for myself and I really do think the year 2021 is going to bring about some real tangible artistic leadership and movements. As Christmas looms in the month of December, there is no time like the present to hibernate from the world, incubate new ideas and release them into the community!

And what better conditions than nature to do that? It is all we have.

Having what currently seems like a month, away from the generational privileges of the modern age, is actually a moment to relish. Refine. Refocus.

The nature of the CoVid beast has meant that we had, and still do, adapt to life around us.

Technology being unable in its full capacity, creates opportunities to adapt.

It is Remembrance Day soon and whilst that particular day is reserved for our veterans (see Tonic Health’s website for details on a Veteran’s group by the way!), I believe that this day, week or however long it takes to get the internet back, has helped me remember the bare necessities of life.

Last week was about writing a new chapter but THIS week’s will NOT include a Jungle Book (sorry, I had to).

From Hi-bernation to Bye-bernation....

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