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South Holland District Council, Spalding
South Holland District Council, Spalding
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CABINET CALL: This week with South Holland District Council deputy leader Malcolm Chandler

I’m sure regular readers will be well aware of our plans to develop the council offices in Priory Road to create a community hub.

However, I’d like to take the opportunity through this column to explain a little bit more about the project.

The ambition to better serve residents through a refurbished building which brings together the best in public service in one place is at the heart of this development.

This is also about improvements to reduce running costs and operational efficiency.

A community hub is certainly what we are intending to create for Priory Road. This model brings together a range of high quality and cost effective services, provided by a diverse range of organisations in one central location.

Geographically we are in a strong location to serve South Holland and the wider area in the south of the county so it makes sense to strengthen our offer.

While it is too early to say which partners will be joining us in Priory Road, it is fair to say they are well known public agencies.

Some of the key areas of benefit I see us delivering for residents are:

• A place for people to meet, get help and have all the services they need in one place.

• Better support for our most vulnerable residents.

• Increase footfall to town centre businesses.

• Helps protect frontline services through income generation.

Other benefits I expect include:

• Modern working environment to help us deliver our change programme.

• Establishing a strategic site for public service in South Lincolnshire.

We have seen strong evidence by other local authorities who have pursued this model as to the positive impact it has on the community.

However, in order to achieve this there are a number of hurdles to jump and rightly so. We will make sure the project is open, transparent and scrutinised to achieve value for the tax payer through the following meetings:

• Cabinet on March 25.

• Full Council on April 5.

I encourage you to have your say directly to me at: or through the Priory Road page on our website:

We want to hear what you think, after all this is about you and the community.