Cowbit took its name from Anglo Saxon cow enclosure

Cowbit... or is it Cowbitt? ANL-160524-111244001
Cowbit... or is it Cowbitt? ANL-160524-111244001
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In Thursday’s Spalding Guardian, amateur photographer Gren Owen posed readers a question about the Cowbit village sign.

Gren, who takes pictures for our regular ‘Bird’s Eye View’ feature on page 11 every week, wondered why there is an alternate spelling of the village name, with two ‘ts’ underneath the main name.

Members of the village’s Facebook site have helped solve the mystery. Apparently, the village started out life as ‘Cubyht’, which means cow enclosure or bend in the river.

The spelling has also been ‘Kybitt’, ‘Cowbitt’ and now Cowbit. Apparently ‘Cu’ means cow in Anglo Saxon, which helps explain why it is pronounced ‘Cub’.

Thanks to Claire Dobson and Johanne Seymour for their contributions.