Cowbit road to close for lorry recovery

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Motorists are being warned to avoid a road in Cowbit at rush hour while a lorry is recovered from a ditch.

The lorry left Mill Drove North this morning and recovery is expected to start at 4.30pm and last for an hour.

Police say the driver escaped unhurt but the road will be closed while the vehicle is recovered. ‘Slow down’ signs have been put out in the meantime.

Witness Grenville Owen, who submitted this picture, said no other vehicle was involved. He said: “The drain wall just collapsed and the truck dived off the road.

“I hope we (Mill Drove North residents) never have to rely on these drains to drain floodwater away. When is someone going to do something?

“I wouldn’t mind if millions had not been spent creating a major road for these trucks to use, but since the new Spalding to Eye road has been built Mill Drove has been used as a rat run.

“If two of these size trucks have to pass each other both generally have to drive off the tarmac and onto the drain side, which in this case gave way.”