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Car crash Spalding teacher ready for new term

A disabled Spalding teacher seriously injured in a car crash in May expects to be back at work for the new term.

Nicole Amott (29), who has muscular distrophy and scoliosis, broke both legs in the crash but continues her fight back to health.

The icing on the cake for Nicole as she returns to The Priory School in Spalding would be a brand new wheelchair to replace the one damaged beyond repair in the crash.

Since this picture was taken, Nicole has had both casts removed. Also pictured are Nicole's son Joseph (2) and her sisters Dominque, Alexia and Kirsten.
Since this picture was taken, Nicole has had both casts removed. Also pictured are Nicole's son Joseph (2) and her sisters Dominque, Alexia and Kirsten.

Thanks to scores of donations and one-off fundraising events, including an abseil completed by her three sisters, Dominique, Alexia and Kirsten, the family is closing in on the total.

The special chair will allow Nicole to sit in it while driving, although she had been getting out and about with her family as a passenger and using a loan chair.

During the first week of term there's a special fundraising bingo on Friday, September 6 at Spalding's Monkshouse Primary School, in Pennygate, starting at 7.30pm.

Organiser Carol Modd and Spalding councillor Angela Newton are appealing for raffle and bingo prizes - anyone who can help can call 07939 559764.

Courageous Nicole won the hearts of many as her first thoughts after the crash - while being transferred from the ambulance to the hospital and intensive care- were for her pupils, not herself.

Supporters have come from all walks of life and comedian Jason Manford shared the family's wheelchair appeal on his Facebook page.

Nicole said: "I can't express how amazed I am at everyone's generosity and I am so grateful to everybody that had helped the wheelchair fund in some way - whether that be by donating or giving raffle prizes, or their time.

Nicole's sisters abseiled down the 400ft-plus tower
Nicole's sisters abseiled down the 400ft-plus tower

"It has been lovely to see how people pull together and give support in times of need and I feel extremely grateful to be on the receiving end of that.

"I have been recovering well over the holidays and now have both casts off my legs, and whilst I am still in a great deal of pain with my right ankle and knee - I have been making the most of the loan wheelchair and getting out and about with my family.

"I am really looking forward to going back to work, I truly missed not being able to work before the holidays and spending time with my students. I am looking forward to getting stuck back in and getting to know my new form."

It's a long way down ...
It's a long way down ...

* Dominique (25), Kirsten (22) and Alexia (20) raised more than £1,000 after conquering the highest permanent abseil tower in the world, the 400ft-plus National Lift Tower at Northampton on Saturday, August 3.

The tower dwarfs Boston Stump, some 272ft high, and is more than four times the height of Spalding's Chatterton Water Tower.

By yesterday some £13,956 had been donated on JustGiving by nearly 1,000 supporters. Click here if you wish to donate via the website.

Some of that will go to administration fees but the family are hoping for one last push so they reach £16,000 and trigger a donation from Spalding Round Table to complete the appeal.

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