Couple vow to fight to get justice for Cooper

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A couple whose dog was savaged to death by a pair of mastiffs at a grooming parlour say they are “disappointed” their owner will not be prosecuted.

Teresa and Terry Walton are now waiting for written confirmation that the dogs, owned by K9 Cutz proprieter Karen Creasey, have been destroyed.

They had said they would only feel justice had been done for their 13-week-old cockapoo, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, if the dogs were put down, but new information has changed their minds.

Teresa said: “We have since learned that the two dogs may have killed another dog and if that is the case they should have been destroyed then so this would not have happened to Cooper.

“In light of that it is even more disappointing that Mrs Creasey will not face criminal charges so we are going to look at the possibility of a civil action against her.”

Cooper was killed when Teresa, of Delgate Avenue, Weston, knocked on the door of K9 Cutz in Delgate Bank to enquire about its services and prices.

Teresa had the puppy in her arms, but when Mrs Creasey opened the door her two mastiffs ran past her and dragged Cooper to the ground and set upon him.

The attack only ended when Mrs Creasey and Teresa threw themselves on top of Cooper to prevent the bigger dogs getting to him.

Teresa was injured herself and ended up with her arm in a sling after wrestling with the snarling mastiffs.

She said: “Every day is still a nightmare. I have still hardly slept since it happened.

“The police have told us the dogs have been destroyed but I want written proof from the vet to be sure this can’t happen again to someone else.

“If we do go ahead with a civil case and win, any compensation will go to an animal rescue charity as it’s not about the money. It’s about justice.”

The couple also thanked everyone, including complete strangers, for their “overwhelming” support and kind words since Cooper’s death.