Couple start ghost-hunting business

Two Spalding ghost hunters have decided to form their own business to help people look for spirits.

Ghostly Gathering is the brainchild of Jeremy Goatcher (40) and Cindy Thurston (41), who are using their extra-sensory skills to talk to the afterlife.

The couple, from Fulney Avenue, are taking their powers around the country with their first stop at the Abbey Hotel in Crowland, a favourite destination for many paranormal investigators.

Cindy has been aware of her talents in detecting "emotions" from pre-school age, while Jeremy's clairvoyant skills came later in life.

Jeremy said: "We don't say we can only come at night. Spirits have no timescale.

"We use all sorts of different tools from modern equipment dating back to pagan times, such as crystals or glasses.

"We are not there to do exorcism because spirits were there before we were."

Jeremy was aware in former jobs that he could see auras but decided to keep quiet for fear of ridicule.

The couple can be hired via their website to investigate activity and as well as Crowland they are also heading to the Five Bells at Edenham in October.

Further investigations will be carried out in Slough, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Hull.

Preliminary viewings of their venues have already yielded success.

Jeremy said: "We went down to the Ram Inn in Gloucestershire and decide to stop for a meal in the village.

"We explained what we were doing in the village and the man said he wanted us to look around where we were because there was a room where he wanted to know what was going on.

"We could tell there was a heavy choking feeling in one of the bedrooms without having been told which room was the one of interest.

"We also spoke to a young couple who had lost a baby six months before and the husband had lost his grandmother.

"We had a message from them that she was looking after their son in heaven and that he would get a job he was applying for – and we believe he did."

For more information on how to book the couple go to or telephone 01775 718019.

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