Couple’s love story with sad ending

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JOSIE Stevenson knows little about this picture which she brought into our offices, but told us a love story with a sad ending that is associated with it.

Josie unearthed the photograph among many others when clearing out the attic at her home in Crown Drive, Spalding.

She says it came from her grandmother, Annie Smith, with whom she lived in Albion Street and whose belongings were put in Josie’s attic after her death. Some of the other photographs depicted Holbeach Fire Brigade with competition prizes they had won.

Josie takes up the tale: “My grandmother’s daughter Grace looked after her and she was courting a man who was in the fire brigade, Jack Bennett.

“She lived with her mother and looked after her and he lived with his mother in Holbeach and looked after her and neither would move out. They decided they would marry when their mothers died, and his mother died at 96 and my grandmother died a month later at 87, so they never married.

“They were true and faithful all those years. As long as I can remember they were engaged and had been courting since their early 20s. They are buried together in Spalding cemetery.”

Josie guesses the parade depicted is for the 1937 coronation of King George VI based on the lorries in the parade and the fact Pennington & Son, the shop shown to the right of the image, was destroyed during World War Two bombing.