Couple (65) quit their home of 40 years over noisy neighbours

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Spalding pensioners claim they have been driven from their home by neighbours who hold all-night parties, slam doors, play loud music and allow their children to scream and shout.

The married couple, who have asked not to be named, say they walked out a week ago because the wife suffered a “breakdown”.

The husband told the Spalding Guardian they have had council noise monitoring equipment in the house over the last year and six visits from police.

But still no action has been taken against the foreign family next door.

He said: “I can’t take the wife back to that situation because it’s going to end up with her not being very well again – all the council can say is ‘you will have to monitor it again’. Do you have to have a complete breakdown before they do anything?”

The couple, both 65, are with their daughter in Pinchbeck and have no immediate plans to return to the home they’ve had for 40 years.

Police confirm they made six visits to the property between February and September.

A spokesman said police work with other agencies, including local authorities, to “help and support” people affected.

A council spokesman said: “Noise recording equipment was offered to the complainants last week. However they have informed us that they are not currently living in the property.”

He said the first complaint was received in December last year but closed in March 2012 “due to insufficient evidence” to act under the relevant law.

The council was approached in July and, despite liaison with police and the authority’s own anti-social behaviour officer, there still wasn’t enough evidence.