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Lincolnshire set to get £800,000 more Government funding for

'School streets' and segregated cycle lanes could be introduced to Lincolnshire after the county is to receive £800,000 more Government funding.

Lincolnshire County Council has announced that the county has been awarded £799,900 by The Department of Transport from its active travel fund.

Earlier this year, the county received £100,000 from the Active Travel Fund and some of this money was used to instal new cycle racks in Spalding's Sheep Market and the High Street in Holbeach.

The cycle rack in Spalding's Sheep Market
The cycle rack in Spalding's Sheep Market

Coun Richard Davies, executive councillor for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said:"Through these two funding allocations, we're looking at an extra £900,000 to help further our plans to make walking and cycling easier in Lincolnshire.

"But the crucial thing is this cash won't just benefit walkers and cyclists. For every journey we can make active travel a viable option for, we'll take a car off the road, reducing congestion and pollution for all of us."

The latest funding is to be used to give people more opportunities to choose walking and cycling for their day-to-day journeys, to boost active travel and reduce traffic congestion.

The new money could fund measures including:

  • 'School streets', where roads around schools are closed to motorists at school times
  • Low traffic neighbourhoods, where residential side streets are closed to through traffic to stop rat-running
  • Improvements to pedestrian environments
  • Segregated cycle lanes

Research cited by the DfT found that nearly 8 out of ten (78 per cent) people in England supported measures to reduce traffic in their neighbourhoods. And it found that 65 per cent support reallocating road space for walking and cycling in their local area.

For this second tranche of the fund, the DfT have given councils more time to spend the money and implement schemes.

Coun Davies continued: "Without the restrictive timescales to spend the cash this time around, we're able to draw up plans with the communities they are for. We can consult on and amend plans with local people to ensure they have the most benefit to their communities, and get the biggest buy-in for the scheme.

"This is especially important when it comes to the idea of school streets and low traffic neighbourhoods, where we might be restricting through-traffic for all or part of the day. We've got the opportunity here to work with a school or a community that needs and wants these measures to help keep children safe or stop dangerous rat-running.

"We'd still welcome residents letting us know where they'd like to see new cycle lanes, widened paths, or road closures – they can submit their ideas to us through WidenMyPath."

Lincolnshire County Council will be publishing information about the schemes that form part of this second round of funding soon, including details how communities can get involved in shaping those plans.

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