County’s famous sons’ records to go online

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The life and times of some of Lincolnshire’s most famous figures are being revealed online as a leading family history website makes records available for the first time.

The handwritten registers from Lincolnshire Archices date back to 1538 and span more than 300 years.

They provide insight into baptisms, marriages and burials from 500 parishes across Lincolnshire.

Some of the incredible details include information on the baptisms of Isaac Newton ad poet Lord Tennyson.

The records, which will be made available by, also include information on the burial of famous hangman William Marwood, renowned for inventing the “long drop” technique that ensured the prisoner’s neck was broken instantly at the end of the drop, considered to be a kinder way to be executed.

Coun Nick Worth, Lincolnshire County Council executive member for libraries and culture, said: “Lincolnshire has a rich cultural heritage, and the county council has long sought to celebrate and enhance this through digital access.

“The partnership with is a very positive development that will bring these records to a wider, global audience, and hopefully encourage people to explore more of the county’s vibrant history.”

Debra Chatfield, family historian for, said: “The Lincolnshire parish records include fascinating information about some of our most noteworty and infamous figures.

“Publishing them online so that people can find their ancestors and see whether they are related to Sir Isaac Newton or one of the other celebrities we’ve uncovered, such as Lord Tennyson, polar explorer John Franklin or mathematician George Boole, is really exciting.”