COUNTY ELECTIONS: UKIP wins first seats on Lincolnshire County Council

New UKIP councillors Alan Jesson and Richard Fairman toast their success.
New UKIP councillors Alan Jesson and Richard Fairman toast their success.
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The UK Independence Party has taken its first ever seats on Lincolnshire County Council - and ousted its deputy leader.

UKIP made gains across the county, ensuring the Conservatives lost overall control. The Tories won just 36 seats - down from 61 at the last election.

In the Lincolnshire Free Press region, two of the nine UKIP candidates won seats, with others gaining significant votes. The total number of UKIP county councillors now stands at 16.

Peter Bird, chairman of UKIP’s South Holland and The Deepings branch, said: “We are coca hoop.

“At the last county council elections there were no UKIP candidates and to win seats from nowhere and come so close in other wards is amazing.

“Our next target is the South Holland District Council elections. We need to get a presence there.

“There were a lot of worried Conservative faces here tonight but the voters have shown they are not happy.

“Our main, ultimately, as a party is to get out of Europe. £53 million a day is going into Europe that could be spent on our ambulance service and schools.”

The Conservative deputy leader of the county council, Eddy Poll, was beaten by UKIP’s Richard Fairman, in the Spalding East and Moulton ward.

Mr Fairman said: “This is a special message from all the residents who voted outside there normal loyalty.

“Loyalty is a great virtue but it is also a two-way street. Voters had to ask had they party been loyal to them and the country.

“It was a close-run thing - but so was Waterloo. I’m now looking forward to getting on with the job and giving people what they want.”

Alan Jesson, who won Spalding South from Independent Graham Dark, was also overwhelmed by his success.

He said: “It’s been an unbelievable night. People have gone out and voted and it’s easy not to. But they have shown they want change - and I hope to give them what they want.

“I’m now looking forward to working with the council to make a difference.”

In Boston, three members of the same family were victorious UKIP candidates, with a fourth narrowly missing out.

A mother and two daughters also celebrated wins for UKIP.

Sue Ransome, 61, and her daughters Felicity and Elizabeth Ransome, 27 and 26, gained three seats in Boston.

The mother-of-four took the Boston East seat with 675 votes while Felicity took Boston Coastal with 826 votes and Elizabeth took Boston Fishtoft with 837 votes.

Her husband Don stood for Boston South, along with their eldest daughter Jodie Sutton, 36, in Boston Rural - both came second.

Mr Ransome, who lost to the Lincolnshire Independents in Boston South, said: “Our time has come - I’m used to always being the bridesmaid - but at least I’ve got a few brides with me now.

“Everybody has had enough, and hopefully we can deliver something different - and spend Lincolnshire taxes on Lincolnshire people.”