COUNTY ELECTIONS: It doesn’t have to be this way

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With the Lincolnshire County County elections being only weeks away, the electorate will have a choice to make for the future of our services.

As central government continues to starve local authorities from adequate funding we see our council tax on the increase.

We seem to have gone backwards by paying more for less, but we deserve better as our front line services are put under even more pressure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All local councils should be given sufficient funds by central government to provide the local services we need; if they did, this would create good jobs, good local services and grow our local economies.

With a large housing development planned for our area of Lincolnshire over the next three decades, better infrastructure will be required for the foundation for better road links to cope with increased traffic volumes along with the greater need for a town centre that can offer more to a growing population.

Locally, it’s encouraging to see more Labour candidates stand this year to give people more choice and hope for the future as our candidates will put the needs of the residents and businesses first.

They will campaign for better roads, turn the street lights back on, invest in better bus services, encourage safe cycling and maintain footpaths and reduce speed limits to 20mph where communities feel the need.

Our NHS has thousands of vacancies for doctors and nurses, but with the ongoing restructuring, services could be put under more pressure or even closure in some cases by the introduction of the Sustainable Transformation Plan.

We have hard working and dedicated people in our NHS, but the staff are under undue pressure. The service and the staff should have the time and the right resources to care. We will oppose proposals to downgrade our services, put forward arguments in favour of retaining them and support those working in the Health Service.