County council elections: Nick Worth pressing on with plans to regenerate Holbeach

Nick Worth aims to spearhead regeneration of Holbeach High Street and The Chequers yard. SG050517-118TW
Nick Worth aims to spearhead regeneration of Holbeach High Street and The Chequers yard. SG050517-118TW
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Holbeach county councillor Nick Worth surfed the blue tide that swept the Tories back to overall control of County Hall.

Conservatives took 58 of Lincolnshire County Council’s 70 seats, wiping out UKIP on the way.

There was no place for the Green Party, Labour took six seats, the Independents four and the Liberal Democrats and Lincolnshire Independents had to make do with one each.

Coun Worth (Con) easily won the three-way fight for Holbeach Ward, receiving 1,536 votes compared to the 596 gained by his nearest rival, Paul Foyster (UKIP).

But Coun Worth had generous words for the way Coun Foyster fought the election and is looking forward to working with him in future.

Now the election dust has settled, Coun Worth will focus on a bid to redevelop Holbeach High Street and The Chequers Hotel yard.

In March, Coun Worth revealed he had asked South Holland District Council to press for Holbeach to become a Heritage Action Zone, which could lead to thousands of pounds being invested in conservation-led regeneration projects.

He said: “Holbeach High Street is clearly a big issue in some people’s minds and that’s quite a difficult one to tackle, but I am determined to do it.

“Certainly my aim is to draw in some significant funding over the next two to three years to try to make a real difference.”

Challenging times still lie ahead at the county council , with an ever decreasing allocation of Government cash.

Coun Worth said: “The response we had from voters has clearly endorsed the difficult policy decisions we have had to take over the last four years.

“I think a lot of people recognised the difficult situation we have been in and I am really pleased with the result.

“We all know we will receive less money from central Government so that means we are still going to have to find significant savings at the county council, certainly over the next two years.”

Coun Worth describes adult social care “as the big priority” but says it will “squeeze out other services”.