COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Leader’s delight at Tory takeover

Cllr Martin Hill
Cllr Martin Hill
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Conservative county council leader, Coun Martin Hill, was understandly delighted with how the vote shaped up for his party.

Coun Hill, who received a mighty 64.9 per cent of the vote as he retained his seat, Folkingham Rural - almost tripling the runner-up Independent candidate’s vote - said: “It was a very good result for us. Absolutely.

“We have had four weeks of knocking on doors, which resulted in a good turnout (40 per cent).

“I always thought we were going to do pretty well, but we got lots of seats we thought we maybe might do well in.

“I didn’t think that UKIP would do very well, but we have still got some Independents, especially over your way.

“Angela [Newton, Spalding West] is very well known - that wasn’t a great surprise. I didn’t think we were going to get all of them.”

“We will be continuing with our manifesto. We are going to proceed with a Brexit that works for Lincolnshire, the Spalding by-pass and the rolling out of broadband for rural areas.

“ We want to sort out a level playing field for the farmers. We need to make sure that we get the workers that we need for Lincs and that the farmers have the labour that they need.

“Other countries work with limited immigration, so why can’t we?”

“Particularly in the veg sector and with the living wage, it is encouraging businesses to mechanise what they do.”