COUNCILS: Give this building to Sutton Bridge

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An open letter to South Holland District Council leader Coun Gary Porter: I applaud the proactive approach that the council has taken to clean up “grot spots” within the area.

However, I am a little perplexed and exasperated at the inadequate way the derelict, abandoned toilet block owned by the council, which sits on land owned by Sutton Bridge Parish Council in the Memorial car park in Sutton Bridge, has been dealt with by officers.

It appears to me, that while he council has pointed fingers at other irresponsible owners it has three fingers pointing right back at itself.

It has taken our parish clerk over two and a half years of correspondence backwards and forwards whilst being pushed from pillar to post and a site visit for the council to reach a conclusion that is quite frankly ludicrous.

I am sure you would agree that our clerk’s valuable time could be better spent.

I would like to take this opportunity and appeal to your common sense approach to expedite the transfer of this building from the council to Sutton Bridge Parish Council for the price of one penny.

The building can then be put to good use for the benefit of the community.

It would be a huge shame for this building to be demolished because it has fallen into further disrepair at council taxpayers’ expense when a viable solution is in your lap.

Vicky Hills

via email