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Donington Parish Councillor search for end to passage repair costs

Donington parish councillors have questioned why they should pay to improve a passageway which they do not own.

Council chairman Jane Stanley raised the issue of the passageway falling into disrepair and asked councillors their thoughts on paying towards repairs, during a meeting on Thursday.

It is not known who owns the passageway, which runs between the Sunlight Chinese Takeaway and what was The Peacock pub, but councillors hoped they would be able to find out.

Donington (43846297)
Donington (43846297)

Coun Stanley said: “I’ve been and had a look down the passage between the Chinese and the old Peacock pub and there’s these big holes appeared in it again.

“There’s some at the top and then there really is a big hole too.

“What do we do about it? Do we pay again to have it done or do we ask for a bit of help?”

Coun Jane King said: “I think we’ve got to ask again. Why should we keep doing it if it’s lorries which are causing all of the damage? I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we ask.

“I don’t see why we should keep paying out for something we don’t use and something which possibly belongs to someone else.”

Clerk Diane Fairweather confirmed that the parish council had previously asked the businesses who use the passage for help towards the costs of the repairs but to no avail.

Coun Mark Rollinson said: “When I was chair we did go to the Land Registry about this and it turned out that no one owns it or is admitting to owning it.

“That’s why at the time we didn’t surface it because if we did we were placing ourselves with a liability that we’d have to maintain it in the future.

“Thinking out loud, I think we should go to the Land Registry and claim it because if no one is prepared to claim it and take responsibility for it, if we do and start putting restrictions on it people are very soon going to want access to their properties across our land.

“At which point, they can pay to maintain it.”

Councillors also floated the idea of if they were to claim the stretch, they could look to installing bollard and adding in a weight restrictions to stop delivery lorries causing damage.

Coun Rollinson added: “We would go through solicitors who would go to the Land Registry and notify the neighbours.

“It would then be down to the neighbours to show some form of ownership to stop us claiming it.

“If we keep on maintaining it and it’s not ours we are creating a liability. If we actually put a claim in on it and no one objects to it we’ve got control of it and can put up bollards.

“If someone else says we can’t claim it as it’s on their deeds they own it and it’s their liability.”

Councillors agreed to ask the clerk to speak with solicitors to arrange a pre-application meeting to ascertain costings associated with moving forward with the idea of claiming the land.

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