Councillors not involved in leaflet against ‘incinerator’

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Villagers are being warned that all is not as it seems with a leaflet currently circulating opposed to plans for a £300million biomass plant in Sutton Bridge.

The paper, entitled No Incinerator at Sutton Bridge, has been distributed to a number of homes and includes the addresses and e-mail contact details for two councillors Chris Brewis and Michael Booth.

Coun Brewis said: “It has not come from either of us.

“It also contains the email address of our parish clerk, whose work is being hampered by phone calls about something over which she has no control.

“As it has no name or where it has come from, I am assuming it is ‘anonymous’ mail, which has only one use and that’s the recycling sack.”

Mr Brewis said he would not be giving his views on the plans by Green Energy Parks for a 64-acre site at Wingland Enterprise Park ahead of a planning meeting later in the year, as it would bar him from taking part in the decision-making process.