Councillors ‘hiding’ in power station debate

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Protesters have accused councillors of failing to take a stance over plans for a new biomass power station being built in Sutton Bridge.

Craig Jackson, chairman of Bridge Against the Incinerator (BATI), fired questions at South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

He asked Coun Porter to explain the latest advice on pre-determination of planning applications in light of the Localism Act 2011, saying: “So-called independent councillors in Sutton Bridge are saying they can’t comment or take part in the debate because of pre-determination rules.

“They are hiding behind these rules, saying they can’t express an opinion.”

Coun Porter said the rules were meant to ensure councillors went into planning meetings with an open mind and said Mr Jackson needed to raise his concerns with the councillors involved. Mr Jackson asked a number of other questions but was told the cabinet meeting was not the place to ask them.