Councillors ‘are in fantasy land’

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A VILLAGER has accused councillors of living in “fantasy land” over the idea of selling off land for affordable homes.

A new steering group has been set up and is due to meet this week to look at the possibility of setting up a Pinchbeck Community Land Trust, which would involve the parish council selling off the leasehold to some of its agricultural land to make way for homes and other community-run facilities such as shops, pubs, workspaces and allotments.

It is believed it would involve just one and a quarter acres of the council’s land.

But one resident, who has signed up to be involved in the steering group, fears the project is “not remotely appropriate”.

Leon Tetherton, of Penway Drive, said: “This project is almost in fantasy land. There are more questions than answers and we have been given no details at all about what it would mean.

“Why should public land be used to provide houses in preference to other privately-owned land that may already have, or can obtain planning permission?

“And why should Pinchbeck ratepayers supply land for development for incoming residents which will also increase the strain on our social infrastructure?”

Mr Tetherton has also questioned why Pinchbeck has been singled out to be the first in the county to attempt to set up a community land trust, as it is neither top nor bottom of any social league tables.

He added: “We need to canvass the people of Pinchbeck and ask their opinion.

“It needs to be a democratic decision. If people think it’s fine then that’s OK, but people need to know what is going on and have the chance to have their say.”