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'Crowland needs more police help over anti-social behaviour'

Crowland parish councillors believe more has to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town.

Concerns were raised at Monday’s council meeting, with an increase in communications with police touted as a possible solution.

Coun Graham Searle mentioned a strange character who had been going along to local junior football matches, while Coun Lee Quince discussed some “suspicious activity” near his own house. Frustrations were voiced regarding a lack of police action being taken.


Coun Quince said: “I spoke to police about it. I asked them to come round for a chat but they never did, which was quite annoying.

“Its only a 20-second drive.”

Coun Cathleen Elphee said: “I want to see police come and deal with that sort of thing, because it upsets a hell of a lot of people.

“It’s a sad reflection of the times.”

Coun Jan Woodroffe suggested that the likes of Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones could come along to future meetings in a bid to ease worries.

“They are not mind readers, so we need to push it and talk to them,” she said.

“A meeting would let them know how strongly we feel about it.”

Coun Quince added that he has been on the council for nearly two years and has yet to see an officer at one of their meetings.

PCC Jones told the Spalding Guardian that due to there being 507 parishes in Lincolnshire, it isn’t viable to go along to individual meetings.

However, he assured us that he would be putting his Safer Together Team in touch with Crowland councillors to discuss their concerns.

“They can contact me and I will always make sure the force are doing the things we would expect,” he said.

“Generally, my experience is that the force in that area of the county are very plugged into local issues.

“We’ve seen that with local police around Spalding, where they are now clamping down on cycling.

“So I’m surprised to hear that there is disconnect in that respect. Normally I would expect a parish council to contact their local neighbourhood policing team.”

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