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Spalding homes demolition threat: 'Council hell bent on destroying people's lives

The front runner for a middle section of Spalding Western Relief Road (SWRR) remains a devastating route option that would see nine homes destroyed.

Lincolnshire County Council's figures in a new report suggest taking the road through a line of homes on Bourne Road will cost £40.75million, and that is the route recommended by council officers.

Council figures show shunting the line further west to the Trojan Wood site is expected to cost an additional £2.24million - but crucially no homes are in the firing line.

Heather Violett, Frank and Catherine Roberts and Tracy Holland with photographs of some of the Spalding homes that could be bulldozed
Heather Violett, Frank and Catherine Roberts and Tracy Holland with photographs of some of the Spalding homes that could be bulldozed

Bourne Road residents Frank and Catherine Roberts will be in Lincoln next Monday when the county Highways and Transport Scrutiny Committee votes on the whole SWRR scheme.

Frank and Catherine will present a petition to councillors, and Catherine expects to speak to the committee with just three minutes to win a possible change of heart.

It is likely to be the last time that any resident will speak directly to a committee before the council's ruling executive makes a final decision on the SWRR on January 7.

In a joint statement, Frank and Catherine said: "Lincolnshire County Council seem hell bent on destroying people's lives by bulldozing family homes.

"We have studied the new report carefully, and still feel there are glaring discrepancies in the projected figures, and are seeking professional guidance around this.

"But at the end of the day they are just projections, no one has valued our homes individually and yet the council can make a life changing decision on this basis.

"We are very worried any decision the committee make is only as good as the information provided to them, and have to say the strain and upset all these months of worry is taking a toll on our health now."

Bourne Road resident Amanda Halifax is calling on councillors to look beyond the figures and understand the impact on people's lives.

She said: "It seems the council have just decided the central route is the route they want and money will not really make a difference.

"They have no care that these are people's homes and they need to come and visit the residents' homes inside and see beyond the bricks."

Residents didn't know until February that their homes were ensnared in a so-called safeguarded corridor that protects the line of the proposed road.

Two homes are also due for demolition at the northern (Pinchbeck) end of the SWRR, and one of the residents revealed she didn't know until she found a note stuck on her door.

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