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Bid to improve Crowland's danger junction is labelled "a bodge up"

Readers are reacting angrily to county council plans to trial changes at the notorious A16/B166 junction in Crowland.

Four people have been killed in crashes near the spot in nine years.

The council has already installed average speed cameras and reactive signs, but plans to put in temporary, water-filled barriers early next year.

The danger junction on the A16 at Crowland
The danger junction on the A16 at Crowland

Barriers will stop vehicles crossing from Hull’s Drove to James Road - and vice versa - and traffic going south on the A16 will not be able to turn into James Road.

One reader slammed the plan as a “bodge up”, saying: “This makes sense to nobody that uses the junction regularly only to the penny pinchers in Lincoln, who can’t grasp the reality of the proposal - the fact that all of us in the villages to the east of the junction that need to go north will be forced to go through Queen’s Bank, or Moulton Eaugate and Moulton Chapel or St Catherine’s and Weston Hills, and this will include HGVs, tractors and buses.

“All of these roads are totally unsuitable for increased traffic, but going south to loop round the roundabout at Crowland and head back north at peak times would cause chaos.”

Another said the plan will move the problem to a different spot and continued: “It will mean all Crowland traffic from Hull’s Drove turning left onto the A16 and then using the Thorney Road right turn, which could easily back up onto the A16 southbound while waiting for gaps in the A16 northbound traffic.”

The reader also says: “Banning the right turn from the A16 into James Road could simply encourage more traffic through Cowbit and down Barrier Bank into Crowland - a poor road which was recently bypassed by the A16 - otherwise the closure will simply add yet more traffic to the Thorney Road right turn.

"If the trial is to succeed I suggest the Thorney Road crossover needs closure too, with all traffic to and from Crowland using the roundabout - although this will add yet more congestion to the roundabout and surrounding roads.”

One reader said they understand the problems over financing a roundabout but wonders why traffic calming can’t be used, saying it would cost very little to put down red surfacing 200m north and south of the junction, and to cut the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph.

The reader said: “ I find it appalling that cost is even an issue when we are talking of safety.”

Coun Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “Given the accident history at the junction, it’s vital something is done.

“As we’ve said before, we simply don’t have the necessary funding to install a roundabout and we’ve already put in new speed cameras and signs to combat speeding.

“However, barriers will also be put in place at the Thorney Road crossover.

“The barriers are only being introduced on a trial basis, and we will be monitoring the impact closely.”

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