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Peter Coupland EMN-150715-133546001
Peter Coupland EMN-150715-133546001
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CABINET CALL: By Coun Peter Coupland

For the subject of this month’s column, I’m going to focus on Council Tax and what it gets spent on.

Pie chart ANL-150809-104259001

Pie chart ANL-150809-104259001

The average Band D Household Council Tax collected by South Holland District Council is around £1,400, but the council itself only receives £154.84 of this total. This amount has been more or less static for the last few years.

The remainder goes proportionally to Lincolnshire County Council, the Police Authority and Parish Councils.

The pie chart shows how the £154.84 is allocated across the council’s 

You will see that environmental services and internal drainage boards (keeping your feet dry) take the biggest ‘slice of the pie’.

That represents good value for money in anybody’s view

1 Asset and property – Council offices and depots, commercial units and footway lighting (£1.67 = 1%)

2 Planning and building control (£8.05 = 5%)

3 Community development – sports and leisure facilities, grants to voluntary organisations, arts and culture, South Holland Centre, Ayscoughfee Hall and gardens, CCTV and anti-social behaviour (£25.29 = 16%)

4 Democratic services – elections and electoral register, members allowances and ward budgets, costs of running committee meetings (£17.50 = 11%)

5 Economic Development – and including grants and subscriptions (£2.64 = 2%)

6 Environmental Health – licensing, health and safety, food safety, pollution control and control of dogs (£8.38 = 5%)

7 Environmental Services – refuse collections and recycling, street cleansing, grounds maintenance including parks, open spaces and riverside. Car parks, markets, public conveniences and bus station (£39.25 = 25%)

8 Housing – homeless prevention, housing advice and strategy, private sector housing (£8.58 = 6%)

9 Housing and Council Tax Benefits administration (£9.50 = 7%)

10 Corporate Management and communications and public relations (£3.86 = 2%)

11 Internal Drainage Board Levies (£30.12 = 19%)

In simple terms, the council clears away your household waste (weekly), keeps streets and open spaces clean and tidy, ‘keeps your feet dry’, operates and looks after council assets and provides health, licensing, planning and management services to more than 38,000 homes for less than 50p per day per household.

That represents good value for money in anybody’s view.