Contractor fuming after van crashes through Spalding roadworks barriers

Jack Tyrrell and Wayne Chapel beside a barrier similar to the one smashed.
Jack Tyrrell and Wayne Chapel beside a barrier similar to the one smashed.
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The boss of a contracting business claims a van drove straight through official ‘road closed’ barriers, smashing one and sending the second hurtling along the ground toward him.

Long Sutton businessman Jack Tyrrell, who runs Tyrrell Contracting, believes someone could have been killed in the incident in Burr Lane, Spalding.

Mr Tyrrell claims police told him it was a civil matter and to exchange insurance details with the van driver, while he believes it is an offence.

Tyrrell Contractors were installing a sewer main, on behalf of Anglian Water, to serve three new properties when the incident happened.

Mr Tyrrell says the van came tearing through the red and white barriers at about 1.30pm on November 10.

He said the vehicle hit one barrier, knocking it over and “smashing it to smithereens”, and a second barrier went hurtling along the ground, missing him by about 2ft.

Mr Tyrrell said: “The barriers are there for a reason and that is to protect my men and to protect the public, not for someone to come crashing through them.”

The boss says if his workmen had been further along with a trench, the van might easily have gone straight into it.

He says the highway is one of the most dangerous places to work and he can’t believe police haven’t treated the incident “as serious as it is”.

Police declined to comment.

A spokesman for county highways said: “The police have the authority to take action against motorists ignoring temporary road closures, and any such incidents should be reported to them. These matters should also be reported to the Health and Safety Executive so that they too can investigate if necessary.”

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