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Conspiracies and crises

Well, this isn’t going away. The Anti-Vax Conspiracy was a feature-length documentary on Channel 4 this past week and I am thankful that such a high-profile channel has this programme on its list of content, writes autistic author CALLUM BRAZZO.

I think the timing during Pride month, which is celebrated by LGBTQIA+ individuals as well as autistic people in their own right and collectively, is positive depending on who you speak to.

The documentary creates necessary dialogue.

LGBT Pride banner (47886520)
LGBT Pride banner (47886520)

But not everyone will change their views on the idea that being autistic is in need of a ‘cure’ or that it is an ‘injury.’ And sometimes you have to pick your battles.

Situations in life vary but you can choose to invite bad influences into your life or reject them.

This is the advice I would give to anyone unsure about whether vaccines ‘cause’ autism (they don’t) and this is another crucial reminder that our young generations rising up must have access to a positive sense of identity, pre- and post-diagnosis.

And what about those currently searching or thinking about a diagnosis but who are unable to get that formal validation due to Covid affecting the process?

I think this will always be a cyclical issue that never goes away but promoting productive teaching materials, posters, advertisements and other such marketing resources including word-of-mouth essential.

What do you all think in South Holland?

And on the other side of the spectrum, an appropriate comparison rather than the troublesome notion of ‘functioning labels,’ we have another facility that should be caring for the community closed down. This time, it’s Cawston Hall in Norfolk.

Details can be found online but it’s yet another time for us to listen and act in response to their reported failings in providing the right care for us.

We have moved so far away from locking people in isolation (wouldn’t seem so sometimes!) but it could be argued that ‘othering’ individuals that have high support needs, medication requirements and such only serves to distance us from ourselves.

It is not the same for this column as I do believe that authenticity is essential to tangible understanding and action but there are sections of the world that exist purely because we are scared of ‘behaviour that challenges’ etc.

We can’t cope so we put people somewhere they can.

Again, I am not saying that specialised hospitals, care homes do not need to exist, far from it.

But as I have written about before, I think we can do a lot more internally to minimise the externalisation of people we fail to even UNDERSTAND.

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