Connor’s lifeline stolen in house burglary

Devastated: Sue Kilby, Amanda Wight and Connor Wright, who has lost his lifeline laptop after burglars struck.
Devastated: Sue Kilby, Amanda Wight and Connor Wright, who has lost his lifeline laptop after burglars struck.
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Burglars raided a Crowland home while a teenager with a life-threatening illness was asleep – and stole his most treasured possession.

Connor Wright (16) suffers from a rare syndrome that stops his body fighting infection.

His only way of talking to the outside world is on Facebook but his Acer laptop was stolen from his nan’s home in the early hours of Thursday.

The burglars also stole £500 collected to help doctors research Connor’s little known medical condition, Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, and about £300 worth of vouchers for a fund-raising auction for the same cause.

Also stolen were two other laptops, a works van used by Connor’s step granddad and his nan’s handbag.

Connor’s mum, Angela, says she is sickened that someone should steal from Connor – and steal the funds raised by her mum, Sue Kilby, that were intended to help doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital find a cure for his illness.

Mrs Wright said: “I am sick that someone can stoop so low while my boy is in bed fighting for his life.

“He’s now frightened to go to bed and frightened to go to sleep.

“My mum’s such a hard working, lovely lady – she’s a fantastic mum and nan – she just doesn’t deserve this.”

The family believe the Harvester Way home was raided at about 3.30am.

Mrs Wright said something woke Connor at about 3.45am and he went in to his nan.

She thinks the burglars may have been in the house around that time because, normally, you can never wake Connor.

“When Connor got up and said ‘nan I am freezing, I can’t sleep’, she got up to take him back to bed – with that the milkman was knocking on the front door and shouting up that the front door was wide open,” she said.

Connor can’t mix with other people because even minor infections can become life-threatening for him.

Mrs Wright said his computer was his life-line, his way of chatting to friends and reading books – it also contained treasured pictures including ones of his beloved Labrador, Herbie.

“She’s his best friend,” she said.

The family is appealing for anyone who knows where Connor’s laptop is to contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.