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Spalding recipe box retailer cutting down on carbon emissions

Dinners from Spalding recipe box retailer Gousto produce 23% less carbon emissions than equivalent meals from supermarket stores,new figures have revealed.

Findings from environmental services company Foodsteps reveal that a short supply chain and reduced food waste contributes to each Gousto order, saving 7kg of carbon dioxide emissions compared to the equivalent supermarket shop.

In 2020, ordering from Gousto saved 40,000 tonnes of CO2e, which is like removing 4,905 cars from our roads for a year.

Gousto founder Timo Boldt (47810837)
Gousto founder Timo Boldt (47810837)

The study compared the environmental impact of an average Gousto box against the equivalent supermarket meals.

It found that on average, every Gousto order saves 2kg of food waste, meaning that last year, the UK saved 784,000 bins of waste, by ordering through the recipe box.

Gousto say that by sending fresh, precise ingredients, there is almost zero food waste in the home. Food waste is kept to a minimum at Gousto too.

AI forecasting predicts weekly order volumes, helping to avoid over-ordering food from suppliers, which sees their centres operate with less than 1% surplus food.

This surplus food does not go to waste either, thanks to Gousto’s new partnership with the FareShare charity network, which redistributes food safe for consumption to people in need,

To empower customers to make more environmentally conscious dinner choices, Gousto will trial carbon labelling on more than 50 of its recipes next year, displaying the total carbon impact of the dish, with the option to swap out ingredients with higher carbon footprint before placing an order.

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