COMMENT: Enterprise and graft from some foreign nationals

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MUCH has been said over the past week, both in our papers and on websites, about the immigrant population of Spalding and the surrounding area.

With the negative impact a grotty few are having on the area, it is too easy to neglect the positive contribution some of our European cousins are having.

Take Diana Gajek, who has opened The White Eagle Polish Education Centre (Youngsters get culture lessons – page 5). She wants her children to love England but also know about their heritage.

Then there’s Ilona Juodvalkyte, who worked in factories and shops after moving to Spalding from Lithuania five years ago.

She’s now transformed the old Conservative office in Station Street into a Baltic restaurant (Enjoy a taste of Lithuania – page 25).

No hand-outs for these impressive ladies. Just hard graft and enterprise.

MANY parents of teenage children in the area will be worried at statistics released this week that show South Holland youngsters are more likely to be injured in car crashes than their peers in other parts of the country (Grim statistics of young drivers – page 13).

Rural roads combined with higher speed limits can mean a mistake that would cause a wobble in the city ending in a fatality in the country.

I should know. When I was 19 years old I drove a little too fast and a touch too carelessly on just such a road and ended up with a broken leg and fractured skull.

This was a sobering wake-up call for me at a young age. I learnt the hard way but at least I survived to benefit from the lesson.

Now I have children of my own I know only too well of the worries they can cause.

So, mums and dads everywhere, don’t worry about your children calling you a nag... tell them again and again to be careful. And kids, listen. They very often do know best.

Our roads can be dangerous – treat them with respect.