COMMENT: Council leader really does try to deliver goods

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DISTRICT council leader Gary Porter should be applauded for his quick reaction to the impending fuel tanker drivers’ strike.

The South Holland supremo always thinks outside the box in his efforts to do the best for his constituents, and his latest move is commendable.

It would have been so easy for him to sit back and watch as our fuel supplies dried up, safe in the knowledge that no blame could be laid at his door.

But no, Coun Porter has put his thinking cap on and tried to come up with ways to make sure any industrial action has minimum impact on the area (Binmen SOS over petrol, Spalding Guardian front page).

Perhaps there will not be adequate time to train up binmen or other suitable volunteers to make the deliveries, but at least he’s prepared to look into it.

And the idea of village pool cars or fuelling buses to make sure people in isolated communities can still make vital appointments is a sensible one that should be actionable if necessary.

Not everyone may agree with his Conservative views about the rights of the tanker drivers to go on strike, but he’s certainly doing his job in trying to look after the residents his council represents.

Just like he is with the Fairer Deal campaign to try to secure residents 15 per cent off their gas and electricity bills.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is as well, by answering your questions in a new column on page 10 of today’s Spalding Guardian.

So let’s give credit where it’s due to a much-maligned man and take our hats off to a council leader that’s really trying to deliver.

• IT’S good to see that some good may finally come out of Spalding’s Red Lion Quarter fiasco.

Now that Boston College is set to take over the controversial building there will be a wider range of courses available for students who would have otherwise had to travel to broaden their education.

And there will no longer be a burden on the tax payer.