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LEGAL EASE: Make sure your will is correct

By Spalding Today Columnist

Will writing packs have become increasingly popular in modern society. The idea of approaching a solicitor to prepare your will seems an excessive expense when you could prepare one yourself for free. You know what you own and who you want to leave it to better than anyone so why shouldn’t you take matters into your own hands? At the end of the day how hard can it be?

For your wishes to be legally enforceable, strict formalities must be complied with. If corners are cut or seemingly arbitrary statements forgotten your estate may be treated as if no Will was ever made and your hard-earned cash may end up in the hands of those you were determined to avoid. For example, the formality of signing and witnessing your Will can completely invalidate it if done incorrectly, even if every other part was completed perfectly! Another issue which often catches out homemade Will writers is the wording of gifts. You may be surprised the difference changing an ‘a’ to a ‘my’ can have on the legal interpretation of your Will. If the wrong wording is chosen your gift may fail and your loved one may receive nothing. There are numerous issues like these which can crop up throughout the process of writing a will and often take a trained eye to spot.

It is increasingly common for disappointed beneficiaries to contest a Will so it is important that your Will is watertight to ensure your wishes are followed. Legal fees for making Wills are cheaper than many expect and are certainly cheaper than the cost of sorting it out after you die if it goes wrong. Making a Will may not be as expensive as you think and you will be guaranteed a professional service and assurance that your wishes will be upheld.

To find out more, please contact Caroline Cunnington or Helen Pacey at Mossop & Bowser Solicitors, Tel: 01406 422651 or email info@mossops.co.uk

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