College supports LGBT History Month

Boston College in Spalding ANL-150202-111705001
Boston College in Spalding ANL-150202-111705001
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This February marks another awareness month that will be proudly supported by Boston College. It is the month in which LGBT History Month is held annually, celebrating the lives and achievements of people within the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Community.

LGBT month is something that Boston College support every year, to raise awareness within the college and to show their support. This year the college are holding a variety of workshops throughout February, covering various topics relating to the importance of LGBT History month.

The first event being held is a ‘Question Time’ discussion with a panel, to which a specially invited audience will attend. There are also a number of guests attending from Lincolnshire’s LGBT Community to speak and present to students and staff at the college. Events are not only being hosted by external speakers, but also students from the college themselves. The Uniformed Public Services students will be presenting to other members of the college on the importance of all Uniformed Public Services being LGBT friendly.

Alongside each of these events, Boston College are supporting Stonewalls national campaign to tackle homophobic language. This campaign came about in response to YouGov polling, which highlighted that in the last five years 2.4 million people of working age have witnessed verbal homophobic bullying, this is therefore why the college are doing their bit to educate students and staff through training and learning resources on the importance of the campaign.

To tie in with the support of LGBT month, the library at Boston College will be presenting a wall display to promote the importance of understanding gender identity throughout February. Through this display, staff at the college intend to get across the importance of understanding the diverse human race and the need to respect everyone. It is a great opportunity for all at the college to learn more about the LGBT community.

Frank Hanson, Equality and Diversity Manager for the college, believes that this is an excellent opportunity to help build the confidence and maturity of students, and said “Many of our students will progress onto careers where excellent customer service skills are essential requiring an understanding of LGBT in today’s global and diverse community.”

If you would like more information on the events being held by Boston College in support of this, please contact the college on 01205 313218.