Circus costumes stolen but show must go on

Ringmaster Petra Jackson with Firefly
Ringmaster Petra Jackson with Firefly
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THE show will go on at Circus Mondao despite thieves raiding the big top and stealing costumes worth hundreds of pounds.

Ringmaster Petra Jackson, whose £300 jacket was one of the pieces stolen, is appealing for whoever took the costumes to return them.

She said: “We discovered they were missing at 8am on Sunday and we needed them for a show at 2pm.

“Luckily we know some other circus families in Lincolnshire and we able to borrow costumes for the time being.

“Along with my jacket, we have lost two top hats, a diamantè shirt and one of the feather plumes for the horse’s head.

“Most of it takes up to eight weeks to make. My jacket was brand new and I’d only worn it twice.”

The circus is currently pitched at Baytree Nurseries Garden Centre in Weston and the performers are staying on the site.

Petra added: “The dogs did bark a couple of times during the night and I went out to have a look but I didn’t see anyone.

“They had taken a small amount of cash and some stationery from the office as well.

“We’ve upped our security now – it’s like Fort Knox here now.”

The incident has been reported to the police but Petra has appealed to the thieves to take the costumes back and leave them on the office steps.

She said: “The other circus will be starting its season very soon and will need the costumes returning and it’s not something I can just pop into Spalding and replace.”

The circus is at Baytree until Sunday.