Church letter on graves crisis

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Sutton Bridge Parish Council is being asked to get a move on and find a new burial ground before the village dead have to be buried in Spalding.

There was a warning at last month’s annual parish meeting that the village is running out of grave spaces and criticism of the parish council for letting the search for a site drag on for at least eight years.

Now St Matthew’s Parochial Church Council has written to the parish council to say it is running out of plots.

Parish councillor Michael Booth told council colleagues: “We want to be looking for a site very quickly.

“Probably the nearest place will be Spalding – neighbouring parishes do not have to take the next parish so, please, this has been going on for eight to ten years now.

“Still letting it drag on is wrong. We should be making all efforts we possibly can to get some ground.”

The graveyard had just 20 spaces left in April.