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CCTV cameras on Gosberton Church roof are monitored round the clock

A church hit by two leads thefts in 48 hours is now being watched 24/7 by a specialist security firm.

The medieval Gosberton Parish Church, a Grade 1 listed building, has around 14 cameras and sensors on the roof where thieves stripped 24 tonnes of lead in May.

Part of the roof has been repaired with a second major section due to be tackled in January, but it's likely interior walls will be forever scarred by rainwater stains.

The Rev Ian Walters and churchwarden Iris Bennett pictured inside the church in September
The Rev Ian Walters and churchwarden Iris Bennett pictured inside the church in September

The Rev Ian Walters says around £20,000 has been spent on roof repairs so far, about £8,000 on a camera/sensor security system, and a little under £20,000 will be spent to complete the final roofing work next month.

Parquet flooring - made up of wooden blocks - has been seriously damaged too and question marks remain over potential water damage to ancient roof timbers.

Mr Walters said: "We have had a kind person in the village who has said if we do restore the flooring, they will put £1,000 towards it, which is a totally unexpected and wonderful gesture."

A bonus of a few hundred pounds came to the roof repair fund after a local artist, Stuart Henderson, allowed his picture of St Peter and St Paul's to be made into a Christmas card.

Mr Walters said: "It sold very well, they were so popular this Christmas."

Following the lead thefts, an £80,000 appeal was launched for repairs and by November more than £17,000 had been given.

Mr Walters says the church received some grants but would have been eligible for others if it were not a religious building.

He said: "If the church was closed and we decided not to use it for Sunday worship, it would qualify."

Mr Walters said local folk in each community look after historic churches, but feels that should change because they are national treasures.

"I think what we need is a national trust for churches across the country that people can pay a membership for," he said.

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