Church flower festival in Spalding and district

Young Levi Pateman appreciates the Lion King display at St John the Evangelist Church, Weston Hills. Photo: SG030514-228TW
Young Levi Pateman appreciates the Lion King display at St John the Evangelist Church, Weston Hills. Photo: SG030514-228TW
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There are roofs to be mended and ancient buildings to be protected.

Just two of the pressing reasons behind South Holland Church Flower Festivals which carries on over the bank holiday weekend.

The festival is also a good opportunity to welcome people into the district’s churches, looking their very best filled with staggeringly beautiful flower displays.

That is the case at St Paul’s Church, Fulney, where the Rev Mike Chesher says the theme, Beauty of the Earth, gave the arrangers the opportunity to create sculptures telling some big stories.

He said: “Obviously any money we raise at the moment has to go towards the new roof because we are £30,000 short on that, and then we need to do the kitchen so we can make meals for the homeless and hungry when the autumn comes.

“That’s what we need to raise money for. With a relatively small membership, and some getting elderly, it’s a struggle, but it’s a hard-working little church community and they are good people.”

It’s the ruined nave at Crowland Abbey that will benefit from any money raised from Monday’s Traditional Craft Fair (10am to 4pm).

Organiser Janet Prescott says local crafters with handmade items, such as bee keepers, wood turners, patchwork stitchers and other makers, will have stalls.

The bee keeper will also be sharing information on his hobby and local artists will hopefully create some work during the fair.

Entry is free and there is a barbecue all day.

Church flower festivals are at: Spalding – St Paul’s, Fulney, and St Mary & St Nicolas, both until Tuesday, United Reformed Church, until Monday.

Pinchbeck: St Mary’s Church, until Monday.

West Pinchbeck: St Bartholomew’s Church, until Monday.

Surfleet: St Laurence Church, until Monday.

Gosberton: Methodist Church and St Peter & St Paul’s until Monday.

Donington: St Mary and the Holy Rood, until Sunday.

Weston: St Mary’s, until Monday.

Weston Hills: St John the Evangelist, until Monday.

Moulton: All Saints’ Church, until Monday.

Moulton Chapel: St James Church and Methodist Church, until Monday.

Holbeach: All Saints’ Church, until Monday.

Fleet: St Mary Magdalene and Baptist Church, until Monday.

Long Sutton: St Mary’s Church, until Monday.

Sutterton: St Mary’s Church until Monday.

Most churches also sell hot and cold food and some have stalls selling plants, crafts and bric-a-brac.