Christmas Day snooze, in car, with engine running, in middle of Spalding road

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A Donington man who was found asleep in his car in the middle of the road in the early hours of Christmas Day has been banned from driving.

Ingus Laipnicks (31), of Market Place, admitted being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst having excess alcohol in his breath, when he appeared before magistrates in Boston.

Laipnicks had an imperfect recollection of events and could not explain what he was doing when the police arrived

Elizabeth Harte, mitigating

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said police found Laipnicks asleep in his car with the engine running, stationary in the middle of Wygate Road in Spalding in the early hours of Christmas Day.

He said another car had been forced to drive around it.

Laipnicks gave a positive breath test and was arrested and gave a reading of 85 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Mitigating, Elizabeth Harte said Laipnicks had ‘an imperfect recollection of events’ and could not explain what he was doing when the police arrived.

He was fined £165 with £105 in costs and charges and 10 points were put on his licence which meant that with previous points already there, he was banned from driving for 12 months under the totting-up procedure.