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Chip shop owners in Long Sutton and Spalding warn of more price increases

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Prices at popular fish and chip shops are on the rise again as supply costs continue to soar.

A number of chippies have been hit hard by various factors, with beef dripping supply demands proving to be particularly damaging - and that was before the war in Ukraine led to difficulties in obtaining key stock.

Now, Henry’s Fish and Chip Shop in Long Sutton is set to increase its prices again - while Turner’s Fish Restaurant in Spalding may not be far behind.

Henry's Fish and Chips Long Sutton.Trevor Smith in restaurant. (57419067)
Henry's Fish and Chips Long Sutton.Trevor Smith in restaurant. (57419067)

From this week, cod at Henry’s will be increasing from £4.90 to £5.15.

With chips priced at £2.10, fish and chips will now cost a minimum of £7.25.

Owner of Henry’s, Trevor Smith said: “The trouble is it’s a vicious circle. You put the prices up and people don’t want to pay it.

“They go down the coast and they pay £12.95 for fish and chips at Wells, or £15 in Norwich. But as soon as I put ten pence on mine, everybody moans. So what do you do?”

Mr Smith hopes the most recent price hike will be his last of the year. However, he says that is unlikely because costs for potatoes are continuing to rise.

He reported that some farmers are now paying £900 per ton of fertiliser - up from £200 in the recent past.

That gets passed on to fish and chip shops - with delivery costs and 20% VAT charges also proving to be problematic for Mr Smith.

“Hopefully when the kids break up from school, it might pick up a bit. But I can’t see it,” he added.

“It’s just a matter of taking it on our belts and getting on with it.”

Back in March, Mr Smith had touted the possibility of closing his shop one extra day a week to cope with the problems.

However, he and staff have ‘battled through’ to stay open - although they are closing earlier than usual on some evenings.

Turner’s Fish Restaurant - popularly known as Sheddy’s - has also been battered by price hikes in recent months.

Partners Philip Hall and Andrew Freeman were forced into raising their shop prices by 5% at the start of this year - and costs went up again over the Easter period.

Now, Mr Hall says: “We did have to move at Easter, and things remain under review.”

The Red Lion Street business was hit by a spike in fish costs back in spring - and Mr Hall added that those are now filtering through to other products.

In particular, flour-based foods are in short supply due to the challenges in getting wheat out of war-stricken Ukraine - with it and Russia accounting for around 10% of worldwide production.

Sheddy’s hasn’t been forced into changing fish supplier as staff have always sourced their cod from Iceland.

Mr Hall added: “Whilst it hasn’t affected what we do, it means there are more people searching for that same pot of fish that we are. That’s where the problem lies.”

  • Yesterday, a mistake in this article said that prices at Sheddy's would increase. This was a typo, and it should have read Henry's. The line has been corrected.

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