Cheer up! Is Spalding really the UK’s grumpiest town as study suggests?

River Welland Spalding
River Welland Spalding
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A new survey has suggested that men in Spalding are the grumpiest in the UK...but can it really be true?

The study looked at anonymous data from 250,000 of the men registered with website to see how strongly they agreed with the statement ‘I laugh often.’

Can men really be Britain's grumpiest?

Can men really be Britain's grumpiest?

These scores were then averaged out by area and as laughter is a sign of happiness, the towns with lowest scores determined where the grumpiest men in the UK live.

The results revealed that men in Spalding need cheering up the most!

But can our chaps really be the grumpiest in the UK when there are so many great things about our town?

* We live in Lincolnshire with miles of countryside and big skies

* We have Lincolnshire sausage!

* We have the stunning River Welland and the River Taxi

* We’ve got a great range of independent shops.

* And of course the lovely Spalding Ladies

The UK’s top 10 grumpiest men according to the study were in:

1. Spalding

2. Greenford

3. Southall

4. Barking

5. Bridgwater

6. Horsham

7. Corby

8. Edgware

9. Rugby

10. Feltham