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The rural roots of Autistic Led

I want to chat this week about Autistic Led. You would have seen that there is new funding available via the Autism Network Funding and I am feeling extremely reflective on the way Autistic Led’s tree has grown, writes Callum Brazzo.

I have always seen Autistic Led as a tree with the community rooted in the autistic identity but branching out in ways that matter to us (the autistic community). We have organically developed from three members to double digits and as we approach our one year anniversary in October, I think about the reason this all started. The seeds. The rural roots of it all. My own autistic journey.

Lincolnshire’s public transport has been heavily criticised for so long so I won’t flog a dead horse but public transport does indeed have a direct impact on Autistic Led. The autistic community can already feel isolated socially so when services that can connect are struggling, it has a knock-on effect.

Callum Brazzo
Callum Brazzo

But it’s also part of the authentic nature of the beast. Any gap in opportunity is an opportunity to fill it. I don’t feel like we have, or will ever, reach our potential as a support group but there are absolutely fundamental components of our tree that have yet to thrive. Autistic Led operates currently on a three-tier canopy, to stick with the tree theme, and that means that there are three ways to connect and collaborate with us. The physical group, the Facebook group and the WhatsApp group. All of these are completely valid and wonderful ways to connect.

The physical group is at Tonic Health, the health and wellbeing hub opposite Alley Kats. The Facebook group is one of the online ways of connecting but it’s not as personal as the WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp group is a personal messaging service so your phone number is required and isn’t for everyone. But that’s how Autistic Led has adapted and will continue to adapt to the needs of its people and the environment in which they live.

Trees have to grow in the right conditions and you have to look after them to a point. I say, to a point, because there is appeal in letting a tree go wild. I truly believe that the rural roots of Autistic Led, and the organic but steady foundation of it all, has meant that Autistic Led will go wild as we approach our one year anniversary in October. The journey may vary but it is always Autistic Led.

Callum Brazzo (9317323)
Callum Brazzo (9317323)

Support Autistic Led by buying my poetry: shop.autisticempire.com/collections/callum-brazzo-performance-poet

New video on Autistic Led YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIEf6h3jSh8&t=78s

Help Rainbow Stars in Sleaford: www.facebook.com/groups/847811632272890/

Second Annual Autistic Craft Fair in London: www.facebook.com/events/419511522002032/

Callum Brazzo
Callum Brazzo

Cool Capture Photography: www.facebook.com/CoolCapturePhotography/

How I See (Long Sutton Market!) www.facebook.com/HowISeeArtPhotography/

Going Forward Social Group: www.facebook.com/groups/1783434501928777/

Callum Brazzo
Callum Brazzo

Little Miracles South Holland: www.facebook.com/Little-Miracles-South-Holland-1532257540353719/

Autistic Lincs Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Autistic-Lincs-Lincolnshire-Free-Press-2123029224419944/?modal=admin_todo_tour


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