Charlie’s Ferrari buy in Spalding

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TV antiques expert and auctioneer Charlie Ross bought a Ferrari in Spalding, but it’s unlikely to match his record in the USA for the highest price ever paid for a car sold at auction.

His record hammer price was for a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa prototype, which went for more than $16million.

TV antiques expert Charlie Ross with John Mumford of Spalding Antiques. SG140415-166TW

TV antiques expert Charlie Ross with John Mumford of Spalding Antiques. SG140415-166TW

Charlie’s bargain purchase here, a toy model Ferrari, was picked up from Spalding Antiques – along with a Victorian set of scales – as he goes head to head with fellow antiques expert, James Braxton, in the popular BBC show Antiques Road Trip.

Experts start out with £200, buy from a variety of antiques shops as they travel through a district in a vintage or classic car and sell at a series of auctions.

The expert who makes the most money wins and all profits go to Children in Need.

John Mumford, who runs the antiques shop at 1 Abbey Path, off The Crescent, has hosted several visits from Antiques Road Trip experts and was delighted to welcome Charlie and the TV crew on Tuesday afternoon.

John’s the man who holds the key to my success.

TV antiques expert Charlie Ross

Asked if he was going to win, Charlie said: “John’s the man who holds the key to my success.

“If John gives me a Paul Storr tea service for £3.50 then I will probably win.”

Charlie then explains: “Paul Storr is about the Rolls Royce of silver makers.”

Charlie is a freelance auctioneer who has travelled the world and known to millions of TV viewers through appearances on shows like Flog It and Bargain Hunt.

His successful sales have included items from a Jimi Hendrix catalogue of songs, which netted more than $15million, as well as multi-million dollar cars.

Charlie’s career had a less glamorous start as he joined a firm of estate agents and found himself auctioning chickens.

Charlie says the Antiques Road Trip episode featuring Spalding Antiques is likely to be screened in the autumn.

John is now semi-retired and opens his business Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm, but he extended the hours to welcome Charlie.

John said: “He’s a nice chap – one of the best I have had – and quite funny.”

He’s celebrating 28 years of being in business in his current shop and says the TV programmes are a good advert.

As well as hosting experts, John appeared on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow when the cameras visited 20 years ago.

• Charlie’s record on Antiques Road Trip was an elephant figure bought for £8 that sold for £2,700.